The Bachelorette

I was furious with the last Bachelor. What a fucking asshole to dump someone on national TV. If I came across Jason Mesnick, I would certainly have a few venomous words for him. And that doormat Molly. She was his second choice, but easily took him back. She was smiling and giddy. Was anyone else thinking, “You dumb bimbo. Stop holding his hand and caressing him. You were his second choice and you think it’s ok for him to waltz back into your life.” Completely ridiculous. The Bachelor left a foul taste in my mouth–as it did for a lot of America. Check out the message boards.

But with 10 million viewers watching the finale of the Bachelorette, I have to think that most of us were pleased with the outcome. Cute, fun, Canadian Jillian choosing solid, centered Ed from Chicago. I don’t care what others have to say, Ed is hot! Tall and muscular. Although Kiptyn was ripped (who has abs like that?), he’s just not a burly manly man like Ed.

And finally. It took a Canadian to make a wise (and obvious) decision. Choosing the bachelor who genuinely told her he loved her. Choosing the guy who asked her dad for her hand in marriage. Choosing the guy who was completely right all along. Sure he left temporarily because he cared about his career. All the other bachelors were there the whole time and couldn’t come to terms with whether or not they were truly falling in love with her.

I am so proud of Jillian. But more so, I’m just so proud of Ed. He knew he was in love with Jillian. He told her. But before he proposed, he said, “I need to know that you love me, too.” You go, Ed!!! Way to tell the Bachelorette that she needs to step up and reciprocate.

I’m still elated a couple days later. That is true love. And all is good in the world now that we’ve witnessed such a beautiful courtship.

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