Merry Christmas

I’ve been away for over two weeks. Sorry to those of you who are dedicated readers.

It’s Christmas and I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas! Our family tradition is to attend the children’s mass on Christmas Eve. Our priest, who is an engaging public speaker, had a few simple messages for the kids as well as the adults. Try to look at each other, especially parents and children, as if for the first time. To think about the miracle of birth and how we lose that wonder of looking at our children as they get older. To pray for peace around the world and within ourselves. This year is particularly special because it’s our first Christmas with my nephew Dominic who turns one at the end of January.

I’m rarely at peace with myself; my new year’s resolution will definitely center around inner peace. I’m still thinking everything through. I’ve got one week to come up with a plan. I’ll keep you posted.

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