Habla Español?

1. I look Spanish.
2. Actually, I am Spanish. I’m the descendant of Spaniards.
3. My name is very Spanish. Maria Catherine Gualberto Gacad.
4. I’m Californian.

I consider it one of the biggest failures of my life that I do not speak or understand the Spanish language.

The fact that I can’t cook? I’m the first to admit it’s not an attractive quality, but it doesn’t seem to keep the men away. Besides, why would I learn to cook for just one person? All of my chef friends say they end up tossing a lot of their food out. Also, it’d be different if I despised frozen food, but Lean Cuisine is my friend. I consider the side order of brussel sprouts at Pluto’s (3258 Scott Street) a gourmet meal and it’s only $1.50. I don’t even finish!

I made the mistake of taking French in high school. Now every time time I travel to a Spanish-speaking country, I’m horribly embarrassed. I tried to learn the basics before my trip, but it didn’t help. How do you say, “I’d like a late checkout?”

On my list of things to do when I get home: sign up for Spanish classes.


I am thinking of taking classes here starting in January if anyone would like to join me.

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